I am currently finishing my studies at Art&Design in Amsterdam. At this study I expand my portfolio by gaining more experience in my field trough internships. I am learning how to present my work or the work from others and how to use materials.

In total I have done three internships over the last year. I did two internships from September 2016 until 27th of January 2017. One at the AGALAB (Amsterdam Graphic Atelier), where I did a lot of etching, and I  did some research in less toxic lithography for them.

The internship I did beside the AGALAB is in the graphic department of the Royal Academy of The Hague, under supervision of Niek Satijn. I have learned etching, cyanotype, print screen and 3Dprinting.

The third internship I have done in my second year of Art&Design in 2015 at HekkerLitho. This, for me, was the first experience with graphic technics. HekkerLitho is a company run by one man, Aad Hekker. He is a lithographer. Artists come to him when they want to make a lithograph. The artists paint or draw on the stone and Aad prepares and presses the image for the artists. He also polishes the stone. He learned me the trade and after that I was hooked on graphic technics. Just before I finished my internship with Aad I exhibited in his studio. I also stood in a stand at the Kunst Rai in Amsterdam for a week and I am still in contact with him and work as a picture editor at his graphic magazine RAAM.