The lobster

The Lobster

A6 | Aquarel, pen | €35,-

Inspired by the movie The Lobster. It is a baby Lobster, still a larva, with a flower where the mouth should be. The flower stands for the silence between the main character and his true love, the arms stand for their way to communicate and the red eyes for being blinded. The feelers stand for the way the love interest of the main character has to adjust to her being blind.

The shape of the larva gave me the exact image the movie gave me. A frightening and different reality in which the rules of living/mankind are different to our rules. I added the flower because however frightening that world is, there are feelings in that world/reality that brake the rules. The feeling that brakes the rules is love, and it doesn’t matter how you shape a new reality, there will always be outlaws and rule brakers because of love, hatred, anger, greed or friendship. As long as there are people, you’ll always get a story because of the different ways that characters feel about each other, it is the fuel for a story.

Movie trailer of The Lobster